Over 80% of Members in
Garnet-run group captives have
received distributions totaling tens
of millions of dollars This is
underwriting profit that would have
otherwise been pocketed by the
conventional insurance industry.


The success of a group captive is predicated on the superior risk profile of its Member companies. Garnet takes great eort to only invite best-in-class business into its groups. As such, the availability and quality of submission data is critical. The more accurate and detailed the submission, the more successful the captive admittance process. At a minimum, any submission should include

  • Description of products and operations
  • Completed submission template
  • Acord application
  • Supplemental application
  • Five years of currently valued loss runs
  • Financial statements
  • Current and expiring experience modification worksheets

Submissions may be emailed to



Garnet Captive Services
FMC Tower at Cira Centre South
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Philadelphia, PA 19104

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