The members of my group captive are all invested. We all want cost reduction and stability. Compared to traditional insurance, we have saved over 25%.

– Current Garnet Captive Client

Working with insurance agents and brokers to provide an alternative to expensive fixed cost insurance for their clients, Garnet Captive programs meet the needs of commercial employers of varying sizes. Our programs offer employers access to greater control, improved stability and long-term cost reduction. With a proven record of creativity and success, a Garnet Captive program offers a unique solution in a challenging insurance marketplace.


is it right for your clients?

If the following are true for your clients, you should talk to us about exploring captive options. 

  • Superior loss history
  • Strong financially
  • Premiums that don’t correspond to losses
  • Superior safety program



how we work

We partner with you to help you provide the best insurance options possible for your clients.