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Group Captives Done Right

Garnet Captive Insurance Services draws on decades of experience to lower insurance costs for businesses. At Garnet, we get it done and get it done right — learn more about the values that drive us here .

Experienced Captive Professionals

Founded in 2002, we have a proven
track record of success. We partner with select retail brokers to educate their clients, making every step of joining a group captive easy to follow.

Results Driven

Over 80% of Members in Garnet-run group captives have received distributions totaling tens of millions of dollars. This is underwriting profit that would have otherwise been pocketed by the conventional insurance industry. Our nearly 100% retention rate is a testament to Members’ satisfaction and commitment.

Full-Service Insurance Programs

We partner with best-in-class service providers, including highly rated insurance companies, top-quality third-party claims adjusters, and dedicated loss control specialists who are committed to helping Members recoup the underwriting profit they deserve.

How group captives work

View our latest video to learn more about how group captives work.

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“The Members of my group are invested. We all want cost reduction and stability. So we’re self-selected for success. Compared to traditional insurance, our company has saved over 25%”

Garnet Core Values

We have a passion for our work. We have a strong desire to work with the utmost integrity to achieve the best possible results for our group captive Members and broker partners. We are guided by the following core values.

Garnet Core Value Get It Done

Get it Done, Get it Done Right

At Garnet, we strive to provide results quickly without sacrificing quality. We are driven, efficient, and take pride in what we do.

Fire in the Belly

The Garnet team has an inner desire to excel and we have a passion for our work. We continually work to improve our product and each of us strives to develop personally and professionally.

Telescope - see The Field

See the Field

We always want to act with sound intent. We try to anticipate what is needed next and act before that need becomes critical.

For the Greater Good

The Garnet Team strives to make decisions that improve the whole, without making any participant worse off. We care about our Members, brokers, service partners, community and the world in which we live and work.