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About us

Garnet Captive works with a select cadre of insurance, reinsurance, captive management and rent-a-captive companies to structure complete insurance solutions for brokers and their clients. We work with brokers and clients throughout the formation and sales process, and continue to work with our partners and clients after the formation, providing customizable levels of service for all programs.

Garnet Captive also manages several open group captive programs throughout the country. We designed these programs for mid-sized employers seeking a way to control their insurance costs. We manage both heterogeneous and homogenous programs.

On a limited basis, Garnet Captive provides consulting services to employers or groups of employers seeking to form a captive or rent-a-captive program.

Garnet Captive was incorporated in early 2002, and has offices in California and Pennsylvania.

Garnet Captive is an industry leader in structuring captive and group captive programs. Whether the employer is large enough to set up their own captive or whether they want to join an existing group captive, Garnet Captive’s experienced, professional team can provide the solution.